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Why Use MedPrentice

We simplified the process of scheduling, tracking, and administrating clinical rotations.


  • Joint Commission Standards compliant.
  • Maintain a thorough history of rotations and students.
  • Spend a few hours instead of days managing clinical rotations.

Clinical Instructors

  • Paperless forms for quick and easy student evaluations.
  • Platform sends proactive reminders of important rotation events.
  • Streamlined system to ensure compensated for time.


  • Manage rotation schedules and documentation on a single platform.
  • Links the hospital, school, and students to ensure receive post rotation evaluations.
  • Exclusive network of doctors at recognized teaching hospitals.


  • All required documents securely stored and recieve electronic evaluations.
  • Able to view any clinical instructor schedule and availability.
  • Exceptional group of teaching Hospitals & Clinical Instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we take care of on-boarding and training all of the schools that sends students to your facility.
Yes, we have a workflow that will provide you with all of the benefits of using our platform while providing the hospitals you work with all the documents required to process your students.
Yes, each hospital and school has unique requirements. Our team will work with you to understand those requirements and deliver a solution that meets your unique needs.
We support various medical, nursing, physicial assistant, and medical tech specialities - to name a few. Our platform can be easily extend to support your speciality if it is not already supported.

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